Top 5 Apache Kafka Use Cases for 2021

Apache Kafka and Event Streaming are two of the most relevant buzzwords in tech these days. Ever wonder what the predicted TOP 5 Event Streaming Architectures and Use Cases for 2021 are? Check out the following presentation. Learn about edge deployments, hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, service mesh-based microservices, streaming machine learning, and cybersecurity.

(Originally posted on Kai Waehner’s blog: “Top Use Cases for Event Streaming and Apache Kafka in 2021”)

Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021

After preparing the presentation, I also discovered Gartner’s top strategic technology trends for 2021:

It is really funny (but not surprising) how much these Gartner predictions overlap and complement the five use cases I focus on for Event Streaming and Apache Kafka. The tech industry’s key trends are all about data correlation, real-time processing, analytics, and integration between various systems and technologies — all of that globally and securely. Hence, here you go with the top 5 trends around Apache Kafka for 2021…

Top 5 Apache Kafka Use Cases for 2021

Here are the five use cases I see coming up more and more in conversations with customers across the globe:

  • Edge deployments outside the data center: It’s time to challenge the normality of limited hardware and disconnected infrastructure.
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud architectures: Discover how these span multiple sites across regions, continents, data centers, and clouds with real-time information at scale to connect legacy and modern infrastructures.
  • Service mesh-based microservices architectures: Learn what becomes possible when organizations can provide a cloud-native event-based infrastructure.
  • Streaming machine learning: In 2021, many companies will move to streaming machine learning in production without the need for a data lake that enables scalable real-time analytics.
  • Cybersecurity: While security never goes out of style, in 2021, we will see cybersecurity in real-time at scale with openness and flexibility at its core.

Slides and Video for Event Streaming Use Cases in 2021

Here are the slides and the on-demand video recording for this talk.


On-Demand Video Recording

What are your most relevant and interesting use cases for Event Streaming and Apache Kafka in 2021? What are your strategy and timeline? Let’s connect on LinkedIn and discuss it! Stay informed about new blog posts by subscribing to my newsletter.

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