Apache Kafka and MQTT (Part 2 of 5) — V2X and Connected Vehicles

Kai Waehner
7 min readApr 23, 2021

Apache Kafka and MQTT are a perfect combination for many IoT use cases. This blog series covers the pros and cons of both technologies. Various use cases across industries, including connected vehicles, manufacturing, mobility services, and smart city are explored. The examples use different architectures, including lightweight edge scenarios, hybrid integrations, and serverless cloud solutions. This post is part two: Connected Vehicles and V2X applications.

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Apache Kafka + MQTT Blog Series

The first blog post explores the relation between MQTT and Apache Kafka. Afterward, the other four blog posts discuss various use cases, architectures, and reference deployments.

  • Part 1 — Overview: Relation between Kafka and MQTT, pros and cons, architectures
  • Part 2 — Connected Vehicles (THIS POST): MQTT and Kafka in a private cloud on Kubernetes; use case: remote control and command of a car
  • Part 3 — Manufacturing: MQTT and Kafka at the edge in a smart factory; use case: Bidirectional OT-IT integration with Sparkplug between PLCs, IoT Gateways, Data Historian, MES, ERP, Data Lake, etc.
  • Part 4 — Mobility Services: MQTT and Kafka leveraging serverless cloud infrastructure; use case: Traffic jam prediction service using machine learning
  • Part 5 — Smart City: MQTT at the edge connected to fully-managed Kafka in the public cloud; use case: Intelligent traffic routing by combining and correlating 3rd party services

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Use Case: Connected Vehicles and V2X

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) is communication between a vehicle and any entity that may affect, or may be affected by, the vehicle. It is a vehicular communication system that incorporates other more specific types of communication as V2I…

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